About Shidokan

Shidokan was the name Sensei Katsuya Miyahira gave to his school based on book four, chapter seven, verse six of the Analects of Confucius. 
“The place (the dojo) where a virtuous heart is cultivated through martial practice and friendship.”
We strive to build a kind and benevolent character through our practice of karate-do.

“The Essential Teachings of Shidokan Karate” by Seikichi Iha, 2016
1. Do not show (off) your ability or intention. Be modest in behavior (kenkyo) and natural (shizen) in movement.
-Chosin Chibana
2. No ‘over-motion’ (wabadi), only natural body (shizentai) motion.
-Shinpan Gusukuma
3. Natural movement has no straining tension. “Flowing water competes with nothing.” (Ryusui saki wo kisuwazu)
-Katsuya Miyahira
4. Proper partner work leads to natural movement which, while small and sunseen, yields great opportunities for your martial purposes. This creates the quality of elegance in movement.
 -Seikichi Iha